Far Western served as lead cultural resources technical consultant for this 229-mile-long project in southern Oregon, northwestern Nevada, and northeastern California, for the Tuscarora Gas Transmission Company. Far Western’s responsibilities included development and implementation of a project-wide research design for cultural resources. Implementation included the evaluation of 90 archaeological sites for eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places (National Register); effects mitigation at 32 National Register-eligible and unevaluated properties along the pipeline route; evaluation and treatment of sites discovered during the course of project construction; and ancillary surveys of alternative pipeline routes, staging areas, and new facilities, as they were identified by the client over the course of project design. Far Western also supervised the subconsultants who conducted evaluation and treatment of historic-era archaeological resources, assisted in often delicate interactions with many local Native American groups, and responded to construction discovery situations involving human remains and the implementation of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and other statutes related to the treatment and disposition of human remains.



Evaluation and Testing

Effects Mitigation


Sensivity and Constraints

Environmental Planning Support

GIS and Cartography


Public Outreach and Interpretation
Sector: Energy
Agencies: Various
States: CA, NV
Counties: Modoc, Lassen, Washoe, Storey

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