Truckee River Legacy Trail


The Town of Truckee, California, has constructed a multi-use, ADA-compliant recreation trail along the south side of the Truckee River, extending from downtown Truckee east to Glenshire Drive. Surveys identified eight cultural sites within the preferred trail alignment for Phase 3 of the trail project. The Town contracted with Far Western (and our subconsultants Dr. Susan Lindström, Penny Rucks, and Zeier & Associates) to evaluate the resources for their eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The evaluations included historical research, excavations, and extensive ethnohistorical work with the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.

The evaluations determined that four of the eight sites were eligible for inclusion in the National Register. Far Western then prepared a Memorandum of Agreement between the Town, the US Forest Service, the California Department of Transportation, and the State Historic Preservation Officer for the resolution of adverse effects to sites that would be directly impacted by construction and use of the trail.

To mitigate these impacts, Far Western carried out data recovery in portions of site CA-NEV-182/H (remains of the Truckee Ice Company and extensive prehistoric site) and CA-NEV-1822/H (remains of the Tahoe Ice Company); conducted construction monitoring; and produced a brochure and 20 trail-side interpretive panels on the natural and cultural history of the upper Truckee River corridor.

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