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Shannon is the GIS Supervisor and has worked for Far Western since 2010. She has over twenty years of experience using geographic information systems, specifically in cultural resources. Her responsibilities include spatial database management, GIS tool development, and web map application design, as well as project-specific map production. Shannon received her Bachelors of Science degree from the University of California, Davis, in Environmental Resource Science with an emphasis in geology. She is a member of Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA), the Society of Conservation GIS, and the California Geographical Society. Shannon is a certified GIS professional (GISP #99182).


Evaluation and Testing
Effects Mitigation
Sensivity and Constraints
Environmental Planning Support
GIS and Cartography
Public Outreach and Interpretation
Shannon’s Featured Projects
  • GIS for Archaeologists and GIS for Archaeologists Modeling and Advanced Analytics Course Design for the Bureau of Land Management
Shannon’s Featured Papers and Publications

Byrd, Brian F., and Shannon DeArmond


Visualizing Indigenous Persistence during Spanish Colonization of the San Francisco Bay Area (Web Application). Far Western Anthropological Research Group, Inc., Davis, California.

Byrd, Brian F., Shannon DeArmond, and Laurel Engbring


Re-visualizing Indigenous Persistence during Colonization from the Perspective of Traditional Settlements in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Area. Journal of California and Great Basin Archaeology, Volume 38 No. 2. Malki-Ballena Press, Banning, California.


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