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Governor’s Historic Preservation Award


Salvaging the Past: A Case Study in Archaeological Inquiry

by Allika Ruby and Patricia Mikkelsen






Offering a range of specialized services, including:

Geochemical sourcing via pXRF, in the lab or your fieldwork location.

Far Western’s laboratory capabilities include X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) trace element analysis. We focus on identification of geochemical signatures for identifying geological provenance, or “source” location for archaeological toolstones.

Geoarchaeological sensitivity assessment, interpretation, and subsurface investigations.

Our outstanding team of geoarchaeologists plays an integral role in identifying buried archaeological sites, or the potential for such sites, early in the environmental compliance process to prevent costly construction delays.

Eric Wohlgemuth Featured ImageArchaeobotanical analyses.

Far Western employs a team of archaeobotanists who specialize in the recovery and identification of charred plant remains from archaeological sites.

Award-winning public outreach and interpretation projects.

One of our particular talents is the design and production of broadcast-quality films, interpretive signs, brochures, training manuals, and other educational and outreach products.


Career Opportunity

Far Western is seeking an Historical Archaeology Program Lead for our Davis, California office. The full-time Principal Investigator/Project Manager will have the opportunity to develop a program in Historical Archaeology, manage a wide range of projects, and play a key role in collaborative scholarship. For more information about the position, click here.

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