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Staff Directory


The key to our success is the diverse group comprising the permanent staff of Far Western. This award-winning team includes Ph.D. and M.A./M.S.-level archaeologists and cartographers, along with data specialists, laboratory scientists, designers and graphic artists, and dedicated field technicians.



Jack Meyer, MA – Director ext. 125

D. Craig Young, PhD ext. 213

Vickie L. Clay, MS ext. 215

Philip Kaijankoski, MA ext. 111

Naomi Scher, MA ext. 135

Laboratory and Collections Management

Laura B. Harold, MA – Laboratory Director

Kaely R. Colligan, BA – Data Director

Eric Wohlgemuth, PhD – Archaeobotany Director

Kasey O’Horo, MA – Desert Branch Laboratory Director

Angela Armstrong-Ingram, BS

Jill Eubanks, MA

Patricia Galindo Arias, BA

Lucas R.  Martindale Johnson, PhD

Rosario Torres, BA

Staff Archaeologists

Angela Armstrong-Ingram, BS

Gina Caretti, BA

Kaely R. Colligan, BA

Kathy Davis, BA

Laurel Engbring, MA

Jill Eubanks, BA

Patricia Galindo Arias, BA

Devin Garvey, BA

Eric Gingerich, BA

Kathleen Hanrahan, BA

Leslie Hoefert

Sarah L. Izzi, MA

Melissa K. Johnson, BS, BA

Martijn Kuypers, BA

Steve Lindley, BA

Nick Longo, BA

Michele Maybee, BA

Joshua McWaters, BA

Margo Meyer, BA

Montserrat Osterlye. BA

Monique Sanchez, BA

Rosario Torres, BA

Eleni Ziogas, BA

GIS and Cartography Specialists

Paul Brandy, MA – Director

Shannon DeArmond, BS – GIS Supervisor

Jill Bradeen, BA

Kyle Deutsch, BS

Chelsea Karthauser, MS

Nicholas Kline, M.S.

Andras Nagy, MA

Darla Rice, BA

Nicole Stotz, MS

Graphic Design and Publishing

Tammara Ekness Norton, BA – Art Director

Michael Pardee – Production Manager

Kathleen Montgomery, BA

Jacquie Kramm, BA

Angelica Saenz, BA

Liz Sterling, BA



Brian F. Byrd, PhD – Proposal Team Lead

Melissa Johnson, BS, BA –  Proposal Coordinator

Erin Eason – Human Resources

Valarie Townsend – Logistics Coordinator

Jerry Tarner – Nevada Administrative Lead