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Excavation Cuyama

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Photo of CA-SLO-95 Structure 1 excavation taken in 1970 by Crew Chief Al McCurdy. This impressive saucer-shaped depression was fully exposed, measuring about 27 x 27 feet; the floor extended to 66 inches at its deepest point. It was characterized by burned timbers, postholes, and hearth/pit features. Recovered artifacts from within the Structure 1 depression included flaked and ground stone tools, shell and stone beads, modified bone, bones, shell, and historic period material such as glass beads and roof tiles. It has been associated with the ethnographic village of Wenexe’l, first identified and mapped by Paul Schumacher in 1874 for the Smithsonian Institution. It dates to the Late Period-Historic-era, 600 cal BP–1806 AD.

Excavation Cuyama 1970

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