Brieann DeOrnellas, MA

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Brieann earned her MA in Applied Anthropology from San Jose State University in 2022, and her thesis explored the effects of popular perceptions of cancer causation on the experiences of women with breast cancer, and how popular lifestyle rhetoric places culpability onto women while simultaneously diverting blame from polluting industries and government as a regulatory agency.  

Brieann has combined field and academic experience in physical, archaeological, medical, and cultural subfields of anthropological study.  She specializes in identification, excavation, and analysis of human remains, and began her career as an archaeologist for a local California tribal government.  Brieann has since worked all over the vast state, from deserts to forests, survey to excavation.  She is interested in tribal collaboration and interdisciplinary research.

Evaluation and Testing
Effects Mitigation
Sensivity and Constraints
Environmental Planning Support
GIS and Cartography
Public Outreach and Interpretation

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