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John Berg

John has been with Far Western since 1988 (with a brief hiatus from 1995 – 1999) and serves as a Senior Archaeologist and Field Director. John’s personal area of interest is desert archaeology in the American West, and the archaeology of Israel and the Levant. In addition to directing field efforts at Far Western, he has spent significant time excavating abroad. His overseas work has focused on Tel Dor, Israel, where he served on the senior staff as Project Architect, Site Stratigrapher, and Senior Field Archaeologist from 1981 to 2006. In addition, he has made significant contributions to the work at World Heritage sites at Harappa, Pakistan, and Kebara Cave, Israel, at the early modern human migration site of Boker Tachtit, Israel, and to the important Homo erectus site, Gesher Benot Ya’aqov, Israel.


Evaluation and Testing
Effects Mitigation
Sensivity and Constraints
Environmental Planning Support
GIS and Cartography
Public Outreach and Interpretation

John’s Project Highlights

John’s Featured Publications

Ayelet Gilboa, Ilan Sharon, Jeffrey R. Zorn and Sveta Matskevich (with contributions by: John E. Berg, Elizabeth Bloch-Smith)


Excavations at Tel Dor – Final Report, Area G, the Late Bronze and Iron Ages, Qedem Reports 10, 11, & 12. The Institute of Archaeology – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

McGuire, Kelly R., William R. Hildebrandt, Amy J. Gilreath, Jerome H. King, and John E. Berg


The Prehistory of Gold Butte: A Virgin River Hinterland, Clark County, Nevada. University of Utah Anthropological Papers No. 127. Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eliyahu-Behar, Adi, Lior Regev, Sana Shilstein, Steve Weiner, Yiftah Shalev, Ilan Sharon, and John E. Berg


Identifying a Roman Casting Pit at Tel Dor, Israel: Integrating Field and Laboratory Research. Journal of Field Archaeology 34(2):135-151.

Berna, Francesco, Adi Behar, Ruth Shahack-Gross, John E. Berg, Elisabetta Boaretto, Ayelet Gilboa, Ilan Sharon, Yiftah Shalev, Sariel Shilstein, Naama Yahalom-Mack, Jeffrey R. Zorn, and Steve Weiner


Sediments Exposed to High Temperatures: Reconstructing Pyrotechnological Processes in Late Bronze and Iron Age Strata at Tel Dor (Israel). Journal of Archaeological Science 34(3):358-373.

John’s Awards

J. Paul Getty Trust


Three-year research fellowship.

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