The Society for California Archaeology presented Amy Gilreath with the Mark Raymond Harrington Award for Conservation in Archaeology. Read more about her award at

The SCA President’s Award for Exceptional Service to the Society for California Archaeology was awarded to Patricia Mikkelsen.

Telly Award2015
The Silver Telly was awarded to Phil Gross, Kelly McGuire, William Hildebrandt, and D. Craig Young for their film “Breaking New Ground.”

Archaeology Channel Award2015
The Archaeology Channel Film Festival presented the film makers of “Breaking New Ground” with the Most Inspirational Award.

SCA Award2015
The Society for California Archaeology presented William Hildebrandt with the Martin A. Baumhoff Special Achievement Award.

SCA Award2010
Far Western received the Society for California Archaeology Thomas F. King Award for Excellence in Cultural Resources Management.

SDAC Award2009
Brian Byrd, Jeffrey Rosenthal, and William Hildebrandt received an Honorable Mention for Excellence in Archaeology from the San Diego Archaeological Center for their work at Camp Pendleton.

Caltrans Award2008
Far Western was recognized by Caltrans for an Outstanding Commitment to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise participation.

SCA Award2007
Far Western received the Governor’s Historic Preservation Award for our work on the Black Creek site in Calaveras County. This included a technical archaeological report, plus a public brochure, Stealing the Sun, which presents an archaeological overview and traditional Native Me-wuk stories about the area.

SCA Award2006
Jeffrey Rosenthal and Jack Meyer were awarded the Martin A. Baumhoff Special Achievement Award from the Society for California Archaeology.

SCA Award2005
The California Preservation Foundation presented their Design Award to Jeffrey S. Rosenthal and Jack Meyer for their groundbreaking Geoarchaeological Study and Sensitivity Model for the Southern Santa Clara, Hollister, and San Juan Valleys.

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